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EZ Drain Above Ground Swimming Pool Winter Covers

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Never drain water from your winter cover again!

Tired of constantly monitoring the water level on top of your winter cover' Then our new EZ-Drain Cover is for you. EZ-Drain comes with its own drainage system built right in! Simply hook up the cover's drain to your pool's return line with the included hose, and the cover automatically drains itself of excess water. EZ-Drain removes damaging excess water weight from your pool cover all winter long. Eliminates cover pumps, siphons and the need for costly air pillows.

EZ-Drain is a tough and durable winter cover that will protect your pool from winter's worst. Made from super-strong triple laminated woven polyethylene with a specially designed inner scrim that is extremely tear resistant. UV protected to shield it from the damaging effects of sunlight. Backed by a 15 Year Pro-Rated Warranty with 3 years full coverage. 3 foot overlap ensures a proper fit. EZ-Drain covers come complete with cable and tightening system, drainage hose and fittings. Minimal installation required.

EZ-Drain can only be installed on pools with Hayward style returns. Pools with non standard returns such as Doughboy, Lomart, Muskin and pools with Aqualuminator lighting systems are not compatible with EZ-Drain.