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Pools that do not conform to one of the standard shapes require what are known as A-B measurements. Collecting A-B measurements may seem complicated at first, but it need not be. Just follow the simple steps below to complete the measurements for your pool. Contact our pool support staff for help if you have questions.

Step 1 - Gather tools and supplies

  • Two stakes or posts to use for establishing 'A' and 'B' points
  • Chalk for marking points around the pool
  • 100' tape measure
  • Print our A-B measuring form to record your measurements
  • A couple friends to help

Step 2 - Download and print our easy to follow A-B measuring form

Download the PDF and print the form to use for recording the measurements of your pool.

Step 3 - Determine 'A' and 'B' points

To represent your A-B line, mark 2 points on the deck in a straight line approximately 3'-4' from the pools edge and about two-third's (2/3) the length of the pool. See diagram below. 'A' must always be to the left of 'B' as you face the pool. Make sure the pool is completely in front of the A-B line. Your measurements will not be correct if this instruction is not observed.

Step 4 - Mark all points around the pool

Use chalk to mark and number points clockwise around the entire pool at approximately 3 foot intervals. Point #1 must be directly across from the center point of your A-B line. Make sure your marks are on the inside edge of the pool. Make each step corner a numbered point. Measure sharp curves and angles at 1' to 2' intervals or less. Any obstructions such as ladders, slides, rocks, waterfalls, etc. should be a numbered point. Measure these last after completing all other pool points. Obstructions away from the water's edge but within the 24 inch overlap area should be numbered last on the A-B form, not in succession as you measure around the pool's edge. Make sure to include steps, ladders, waterfalls or any other non-removable obstruction in your measurements.

Step 5 - Fax the completed form to (877) 513-4171

Once you've finished measuring your pool, fax the form to our office for a professional review. We'll quote your cover using the data you've entered, but we can also start the order without your needing to complete any further information!

Feel free to go ahead and submit the information you've entered so far, and we'll hold it until you can get your A-B measurements. Then, we'll contact you with any questions or to mail you free cover samples!

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