Above Ground Pool Safety Net

$ 257.95 - $ 589.95

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Protect kids and pets and get total peace-of-mind with this pool safety net!

This super strong net is designed to be used when your pool is not in use. It is especially useful when you are out of town or away on vacation.

Water Warden's unique safety features include:

  • Extra strong, UV stabilized netting that protects your pool from unwanted intrusion.
  • A unique installation system that children are unable to remove
  • Pre-finished net system that install on your pool in 3 minutes or less
  • Lightweight and easy to remove
  • Initial installation manual and template to make retrofitting your pool quick and easy
  • Largest opening in net is 3.5", openings are smaller near middle.
  • AG Safety Net can hold up to 485 lbs
  • 5 Year Manufacturers Warranty

NOTE: Net systems are designed for specific pool sizes based on the number of uprights. Please verify the number of uprights on your pool prior to ordering.


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