Value Floor Padding for Above Ground Swimming Pool Liners

$ 41.24 - $ 255.64

This economical pool liner pad helps you pool liner last longer! Our newest liner accessory is the Value Liner Pad. For added protection for your above ground pool liner we suggest the Liner Pad. This super strong geotextile is engineered to withstand punctures and tears. No more taping seams like similar foam products. This pool liner padding comes in one piece. All seams are fused at the manufacturer for a beautiful, finished product. Eliminate foot prints and damage from invasive weeds, sharp rocks or tree roots.


  • Strong Geotextile material
  • Eliminates footprints
  • Helps protect the liner from punctures
  • Saves money and extends liner life
  • Protects from rocks and invasive weeds
  • Easy to install
  • Sized perfectly to fit in your above ground pool
  • Professional finished product
  • Faster pool set up
  • Approximately 1/4 inch thick