SunGrabber Above Ground Pool Solar Heater

$ 17.83 - $ 20.07

Solar heating is the absolute 'greenest' way to heat your above ground pool. It's completely free!

Manufactured by the leading solar heating company, these solar systems are super efficient and long-lasting. Our above-ground solar heating panels will raise your pool's temperature 10 degrees or more using the sun's free energy. When used in conjunction with a solar blanket, it is all the heat you will need, with no expensive heater to buy and maintain and no costly gas or electric bills.

The SunGrabber solar heating system comes in two models: (1) An economy system with a 2' x 20' collector for pools that are looking for some supplemental heating and (2) a deluxe system with two or more 2' x 20' panels for pools that want a total solar heating package. Neither model includes a diverter valve, so these systems will run whenever the pool's pump is operating. Diverter valve kits are sold separately. Comes with economical 1-1/2" headers.

These systems can be mounted on the ground, on a rack or installed on a roof. Both systems are easy to install and come complete with instructions. The panel plumbing/connector kit is used to connect the solar system to your pool's filtration unit and must be purchased separately. Put free solar heat to work for you this season with a quality SunGrabber solar heating system!