ZeoFiber Cellulose Fiber Pool Filter Media

$ 19.95

SKU: NA5020

ZeoFiber is the safe, all-natural and economical replacement for diatomaceous earth D.E. filter media. 3 lbs. replaces 25 lbs. of D.E.!

Now you can quit using DE that is harmful to you and the environment. Zeofiber is the perfect replacement for hazardous DE. It's pure white cellulose fiber that works just as well as DE, but it's safe to use and 100% biodegradable. Since you only use 1 lb of Zeofiber vs 8 lbs of DE, you save money and maintain sparkling clean water. After initially changing your filter, you will have to backwash less often, saving even more money. Add Zeofiber to your DE filter this season and enjoy cleaner water with far less hazard.