55 inch Foosball Soccer Game Table

$ 436.54

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SKU: ft250ds

Features solid wood handles, 3-man goalie rods for fast non-stop play, stylish wood grain look, two cup holders and more!

Solid construction with good stable legs and a durable body for long-lasting entertainment in your home or office. This classic-style table features contoured, weighted and balanced men with side ball return, manual scoring beads and solid steel rods with wood handles and cushioned bumpers.


  • Overall Size: 55" x 29" x 34"
  • Playing Field: 89 1/4" x 41 1/2"
  • Apron: 14"
  • Leg Levelers: 5"
  • Parts: 5/8" silver solid rod
  • Players: Burgundy/cream players (3-2-5-3)
  • Weight: 134 lbs.
  • Stylish Wood Grain Look
  • Solid Wood Handles
  • Abacus Scoring System
  • Cup holders on each side
  • Style of Legs: Square
  • Goalie Rod: Three Man Goalie
  • Contoured men gives you the ability to shoot the ball at an angle, not just straight ahead.
  • Weighted and Balanced Players allow the ball to pass clearly across the table without interference from your own players.
  • Reinforced Men are use to increase the level of play and durability.
  • Stabilizer Bar
  • 1 year warranty