Aquabot In Ground Pool Automatic Cleaner

$ 99.95 - $ 760.95

This computer-controlled dynamo is fully automatic to scrub, vacuum and even filter your pools water!

Just plug in the unit, drop it into your pool and off it goes. The preprogrammed Aquabot™ powers itself to spotlessly clean your pool in 6 hours. It will clean any shape pool and will not get hung up by ladders or other obstructions.

The unit comes with its own transformer so it runs on a safe 24 volts, costing only pennies a day to operate. Its powerful suction motor cleans and filters up to 4,000 gallons per hour. Since Aquabot™ has its own filtration system, it not only removes dirt and debris, but also algae and bacteria. Reduces the work of your existing filter while it distributes heat and chemicals as it vacuums. Cleans your pool's floors, steps and walls up to the waterline. Lightweight at only 17 lbs. and easy to put in and out of the pool.

Built for residential pools up to a 20' x 40'. Comes complete with cleaning head, 51 feet of floating cord and transformer. Put this computer-controlled robot to work in your pool this season with Aquabot™. Made in USA. 1 year warranty.