Aquabot Turbo In Ground Pool Automatic Cleaner

$ 38.99 - $ 875.95

Super fast automatic cleaning power for larger pools.

The Aquabot™ Turbo model has the same great features as the original Aquabot™, but it's faster and it will clean a larger p ool. In addition, the Aquabot™ Turbo will automatically turn itself off after a 7 hour cleaning cycle. The powerful cleaner works almost twice as fast as the original Aquabot™, filtering up to 4,200 gallons per hour and cleaning your pool in 4 hours or less.

Designed for pools up to 20' x 50'. The Aquabot™ Turbo comes complete with cleaning head, 60 feet of floating cord and transformer. Clean your pool fast this season with this computer-controlled dynamo. Weighs 18lbs. Backed by a 1 year warranty. (Extended warranty available through the manufacturer.)