Aquafirst™ Turbo Remote Control Automatic Pool Cleaner

$ 1149.95

SKU: NE3350

Compare to Auabot Turbo T-RC®

Ultra-fast robotic cleaner with remote control for spot cleaning!

Aquafirst™ Turbo RC is the fastest cleaning, most technologically advanced pool cleaner in its class. Just press the button and the dirt-eating dynamo provides triple function cleaning to scrub, vacuum and filter your pool. The unit will clean any pool up to 50 feet in length in 3 hours or less. When its work is done, Aquafirst™ Turbo RC automatically shuts itself off.

The unit's powerful suction motor sucks up all debris, leaves and twigs and deposits them in its own filtration bag. Aquafirst™ Turbo RC filters 5,000 gallons of pool water per hour and removes dirt, debris and even algae. Fine filtration bag traps even the smallest particles. Powerful front and back brushes scrub away stubborn dirt and algae from pool surfaces. Since Aquafirst™ Turbo RC has its own filtration system, it reduces the load on your existing pump and filter system while it distributes heat and chemicals.

Aquafirst™ Turbo RC runs on a safe, ultra-efficient 24 volts. The pre-programmed unit cleans your pool's floors, steps and walls up to the water line in 3 hours or less and automatically shuts off when finished. Patented NeverStuck™ rollers keep Aquafirst™ Turbo RC from getting stuck on main drains and other in-floor obstructions.

The unit comes with its own remote control handset that allows you to direct the cleaner anywhere that needs additional cleaning. RC provides for radius turning and precise forward and reverse movements to allow for easy direction anywhere in your pool.

Designed for residential pools up to 50 feet in length, the unit comes compelte with cleaner, 60 feet of floating cord and low voltage transformer.At only 17 lbs, Aquafirst™ Turbo RC is lightweight. So it's easy to manuever in and out of the water. UL and ETL listed. 1 Year Warranty.


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