Barracuda Pacer In Ground Pool Automatic Cleaner

$ 23.95 - $ 322.99

This proven automatic cleaner will thoroughly clean your in-ground pool including the walls.

Removes dirt, debris, bugs, twigs and even pebbles. Simple proven design ensures it never gets hung up by steps or ladders and cleans the entire pool quickly.

The Pacer™ installs in minutes. Just attach the hoses together and you're ready to vacuum... automatically. Unit runs off the power of your own pump and filter system. No booster pump needed. The Pacer™ can run anytime your pool's pump runs. Pacer™'s unique regulator valve allows the unit to operate effectively on lower horsepower pumps and your skimmer to continue functioning while the unit is operating.

Since the Pacer™ has only one moving part it never needs servicing. Comes complete with 39 feet of hose. Backed by a 1 year warranty.