JetMax Junior In Ground Pool Automatic Cleaner

$ 918.95

SKU: NE3763

JetMax Junior effectivly cleans all types of pools from rectangle to kidney and grecian.

JetMax Junior's superior technology eliminates most of the cleaners moving parts, so it is a far more reliable cleaner than old technology "scrubber" models. JetMax Junior features:

  • Cleans small commercial pools up to 30x50 ft. Collects dirt in its own 19 qt. filtration bag
  • Cleans most pools in 2 hrs. or less!
  • Hydroscrub System- power washes dirt & debris with pressurized water- no brushes needed!
  • Jet-drive propulsion uses water pressure to quickly propel the unit.
  • Lightweight- weighs only 13 lbs.
  • 75' long floating cable
  • Runs on safe 12 Volts
  • 2-YR Warranty
  • Includes Caddy!

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