Orion In Ground Pool Automatic Cleaner

$ 44.95 - $ 557.95

The new Orion computer-controlled robotic cleaner vacuums and scrubs in-ground pools up to 800 sq. ft.

Cleans Up to a 20'x40' In-Ground Pools! Cleans any type or shape of pool and scrubs it free of dirt, algae and bacteria. The Orion maneuvers around ladders, drains, stairs and climbs part of the way up your pool's wall. Once the pool is clean, the unit shuts itself off automatically.

Orion not only spotlessly cleans your pool, but also filters the water at the same time. Since it has its own motor, it works independently of your filter system and purifies the water as it helps distribute pool chemicals. Unit will clean a 20'x40' pool in only two hours, trapping all debris in its internal filter bag as it goes. When in use, Orion does not clog up your filter system or cause additional back washing. At only 17.5 lbs., it's lightweight and easy to carry or remove from the pool. Orion is driven by computer-controlled "Logic Scanning" that directs the cleaner to all areas of the pool floor, insuring it's spotless regardless of the shape. Completely safe. Operates on 24 volts at a cost of only pennies per day. Orion is easy to service and troubleshoot, with easy access to all components eliminating costly specialized repairs.

Orion comes complete with transformer, 55 ft. cord and a micro-filtering bag. Enjoy a spotlessly clean pool this season with Orion. Not recommended for pools over 20'x40'. 1 year warranty.