Pool Blaster Max Pool Vacuum

$ 219.99 + Free Shipping!

SKU: NE4382

Rechargeable cleaner vacuums up algae, sand, pebbles, dirt, leaves and rocks from your pool!

The remarkable Pool Blaster Max makes spot cleaning your pool a breeze. This powerful cleaner has its own internal Super Pump that quickly vacuums up dirt, sand, debris and even small rocks. All debris is caught in the cleaner's own reusable, easy to clean, extra-large capacity filtration bag. Pool Blaster Max doesn't require electrical cords or cumbersome hoses. Its powerful electric motor is rechargeable and completely safe. Pool Blaster will run up to 3 hours on a single charge! The unit is easily hand held for shallow area cleaning and attaches to a telepole for deeper areas of the pool. Super easy to handle and light. Pool Blaster weighs in at only 6 pounds! 1 year warranty.