Bayview 20/30 mil InGround Pool Liner

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The Bayview inground pool liner is engineered with a tough 20 mil thick wall and a heavier 30 mil thick floor for extra durability. Whether you need a standard or custom size, each liner is manufactured by our industry-leading manufacturer using only the top grade vinyl to ensure a perfect fit in every swimming pool. Available to fit any pool size or shape. Custom orders welcome!

Sample Prices

Check out these low sample prices!

Pool Size Shape Depth STANDARD 20 MIL
12' x 24' Rectangle 3.5' to 8' $399.98 $599.98
16' x 32' Rectangle 3.5' to 8' $699.99 $899.99
18' x 36' Rectangle 3.5' to 8' $889.99 $1189.99
20' x 40' Rectangle 3.5' to 8' $1099.99 $1429.99

*Estimates only. Actual prices may vary.

Simple Ordering

Just follow these 4 easy steps!

  1. Download the measurement form

    Download our easy-to-use form and measuring instructions.

  2. Fax or Email the completed form

    Send the completed form to: or FAX to: 1-877-513-4171
    For questions call 800-250-5502 or 320-695-2899

  3. Receive a quote in 3 to 24 hours

    Our friendly staff will review your measurement form and call you with a guaranteed quote.

  4. Receive your new liner in 6 to 14 business days

    Once complete, your liner will be shipped free, ready to install in about 1 to 2 weeks.


  • 20/30 mil thick
  • 20 mil vinyl wall
  • 30 mil vinyl floor for extra durability
  • Available to fit any size or shape pool
  • Easy order process
  • Fast turnaround
  • Free shipping

Warranty and Service

25 year prorated warranty