Swimming Pool Skimmer Plug / Return Outlet Plug Combo

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We've package two of our most requested winterizing products into one conveient package. You get our new skimmer faceplate plug for either standard or widemouth skimmers and our threaded return outlet plug to completely seal off your pool, eliminating the need to drain the pool water each winter.

The lightweight, reusable skimmer plug works great when servicing the pump or filter, too. Just press the plug into the skimmer opening for a water-tight fit. Made from high-density, thermo-insulated Rovasealâ„¢ freeze and shatter-proof closed cell foam that creates a thermo-elastic barrier to completely seal the skimmer opening to ensure the pump and filter remain dry all winter long. Features a rigid outer plate for durability. Chemical, temperature and UV resistant. Impervious to mold, mildew, bacteria and superior chemical and oil resistance.

The return outlet plug fits most pump/filter return lines, creating a water-tight seal to protect your filter system from winter freeze damage. Threaded. Fits 1.5" inside diameter return outlets.

Both plugs are reusable and super easy to install. No tools required. Just remove the plugs when it's time to re-open the pool in Spring.