Solar Pill Liquid Swimming Pool Solar Blanket

$ 44.95

SKU: NS794

It's like a solar blanket in a pill! This effective pill keeps your pool warmer by spreading an invisible layer of non-toxic, biodegradable film.

This invisible layer cuts down on one of the major pool cooling forces - evaporation. Up to 60% as effective as a traditional solar blanket. Best of all Solar Pill works all the time and there is no cumbersome solar blanket to haul around. Simply drop Solar Pill in your pool's skimmer and its special time released delivery system will keep the pool warm for 30 days. Not affected by automatic pool covers.

Purchase Solar Pill today and enjoy a warmer pool and save hundreds of dollars on pool heating costs. Available in in-ground (up to 30,000 gallons) and above ground (up to 12,000 gallons). Saltwater compatible.