Leaf Nets for InGround Pools

$ 50.42 - $ 239.94

Use an Arctic Armor leaf net in addition to a winter cover on your swimming pool this fall and make spring opening quick and easy. The leaf net's tight mesh traps leaves big and small, keeping the winter cover leaf free! Other leaf nets often have large mesh holes that let small leaves pass through. Then, they decompose and leave a mess to clean up in the spring.

All Arctic Armor In-ground leaf nets have an extra 4 foot overlap and water tube loops for a secure fit. Black mesh fabric. Simply lay the leaf net on top of your winter cover when you close the pool and remove it before the first snow. Your cover will be virtually leaf free and spring clean-up will be much easier. Eliminates that messy swamp of decaying leaves!

Arctic Armor leaf nets are made from durable woven polyethylene, come with loops every four feet to secure water bags and carry a 5 year warranty. If you have lots of trees around your pool area, invest in a quality Arctic Armor leaf net today and eliminate the hassle of cleaning up leaves each spring.


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