Tigris Tri-Canopy Market Umbrella

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Allow a peaceful and relaxing retreat for the whole family with the Tigris Tri-Canopy Umbrella. This patented design blends luxury and versatility with the ability to move and rotate the side canopies at your leisure while the main canopy maintains centralized shade all day long. With an overall shade space of 108 sq ft, this umbrella can be shifted to delegate private shade for multiple people or brought inwards to provide a mass shade space for the whole family. The Tigris comes with super strong fiberglass frames that allow the umbrella to flex in the wind and resist damage unlike other wood or metal frames, while still being light and easy to take down. Each canopy is a 6-ft x 6-ft square and the side canopies have over 180 degrees of movement on independent dual socket arms. Each arm has an adjustable locking mechanism to ensure the canopy and positioning stay in place. This umbrella comes complete with a hand crank to close the center canopy while the side canopies are easy to remove and collapse if needed. The rugged frame and cross-arm base is made up of corrosion resistant aluminum with the capacity of added patio stones or blocks for additional support. Add a unique touch of class to your backyard patio and still get all the benefits of a high end umbrella with the Tigris Tri-Canopy Umbrella.


  • Patented 3 tier design
  • 108 sq ft of shade space
  • 6-ft square canopies
  • Open and close hand crank
  • Cross-arm style stand
  • Dual socket arms with locking pins
  • 180 degree movement in countless positions