Spa Quick Vac

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SKU: NP518

Ingeniously simple way to vaccuum your spa. No moving parts

I've tried everything to get that fine dirt and grit out of my spa. I've used manual plunger vacs with baskets, little handheld units, and even an electric pump with a mesh net. None of them worked. They leaked, spilled debris back into the spa or just didn't have the suction to vacuum well.

That all changed with the Quick Vac™. This simple little vacuum has no moving parts and uses siphon action to remove dirt, debris and grit from your spa. Just insert the suction tube into your spa, shake and the Quick Vac™ goes to work. Quickly removes debris and transports it out of the spa through its discharge hose. It will clean your spa in minutes. It is just amazing how much suction the siphon develops, removing glass, pebbles, sand and leaves.

Try the Quick Vac™ today and end the tedious chore of vacuuming your spa!