AquaFinesse Hot Tub Water Care Kit

$ 195.09

SKU: NP2042

Everything you need to treat your spa against biofilm for up to 6 months.

Biofilms are colonies of bacteria that form on the warm damp surfaces of your spa. They comprise over 99 percent of all the bacteria in your spa. Because these colonies of bacteria form their own protective film, they are protected from sanitizer like Bromine and Chlorine that would normally kill them.

Biofilms cause a decline in spa water quality over time. Spa owners notice cloudy, foaming water with strong odors. They may also notice whitesh film or gray/pink scale. Biofilms also love to grow and multiply in spa filters, heaters and plumbing. Aqua Finesse chemicals are proven to breakdown Biofilms and eliminate them from your spa or hot tub. Regular use of these products results in excellent water quality and elimination of white slime and scaling. Normal sanitize consumption will be reduced and spa water will be much easier to balance and maintain.


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