Electronic Pool Water Chemistry Testers

$ 129.95 - $ 179.95 + Free Shipping!

Never buy reagents or test strips again. Now anyone can test their pool, spa, pond or aquarium water in seconds and have confidence in the results - no color matching required. Simply collect water sample with onboard cup, place sensor in water sample, and press start. Digital display will show your results in seconds.

SafeDip 6-in-1 Reader measures salt content, pH, free chlorine, ORP, TDS and water temp (C or F). SafeDip is an essential tool in maintaining your water at its optimal condition for safety and comfort. Includes pH 7.0 buffer packet for monthly calibration. Auto-power off feature conserves battery life.

SaltDip 2-in-1 Reader measures salt content and water temperature (F or C) faster and easier than any other device on the market. No calibration required.


  • No more test strips
  • No more color matching
  • Results in seconds
  • Rugged water resistant housing
  • Commercial grade technology sensor
  • Easy push buttons
  • Large LED readouts
  • Last reading is saved until new test is taken
  • Unit dimensions: 11H x 6W x 1.5D inches
  • 2 AAA Batteries included
  • 1 year warranty