AquaFit Swimming Pool Exercise Kit

$ 32.95 - $ 107.95

Get in shape with Aqua Fit's complete exercise system for your pool. Since you only weigh 10% as much in water as on land, aquatic exercise is easier on the joints. Get a high calorie burn and aerobic conditioning in your swimming pool... without pain, with the Aqua Fit Exercise System.

The Aqua Fit Exercise Kit provides everything you need for a great aquatic workout, including a Jogger Belt, 1 pair Ankle Cuffs and 1 pair Hand Bars.

The kit also includes an informative poster detailing aquatic exercise routines and important tips on how to use your equipment. Get in shape in your pool this summer with our Aqua Fit Exercise Kit!

The Aquafit Jogger Belt is the heart of the system, keeping you suspended at shoulder level in the pool so you have the freedom to exercise all of your limbs at once. The super soft foam is comfortable and chlorine-resistant, and the belt is adjustable to fit up to a 48" waists.

The Aquafit Hand Bars are aquatic dumb bells for exercising your arms by creating drag in the water. They are made of super soft foam and feature non-slip hand-grips.

Finally, the Aquafit Ankle Cuffs are used to provide additional resistance for your legs and increase muscle tone. Also made of super soft foam, the Cuffs are adjustable to fit any ankle size.