Magni-Clear Above Ground Pool Solar Blanket

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$ 87.66 - $ 361.40

These premium clear solar blankets will heat your pool faster than black or silver.

Magni-Clear™ blankets are laced with air bubbles that act as an insulating layer, shielding your pool from cool winds and nighttime cooling. Plus, clear blankets allow more solar heat to reach the depths of your pool to heat it more thoroughly.

Our blankets are made of extra-thick 12-gauge material so they will outlast most other above-ground solar covers on the market. Backed by a 6 Year Warranty.

Invest in the solar blanket that will give you the best heating you can buy. Invest in Magni-Clear™! Here's what a customer had to say about the Magni-Clear™ Solar Blanket...

We received our blanket last week and put it on the pool Saturday. It went from 72 to 76 in two days, and today its pushing 80 in the water! Thank you very, very much. We think the clear cover is much better than the blue, seems to let in the sunlight better. We'll definitely keep the cover on the pool nights, least till we get back into summer temps.
Mahalo and Aloha
Larry and Yvonne

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