Blue In Ground Pool Solar Blanket

Valued up to: $802.77

$ 81.64 - $ 486.53

Our durable above ground pool solar blankets can warm your pool this year by up to 15°F!

Take full advantage of the suns intense summer heat. This durable solar cover increases swimming pool temperatures as much as 15 degrees. Our in-ground transparent blue solar blanket holds in heat on cloudy summer days and keeps debris out of your pool. Loaded with thermal pockets, this pool cover insulates your pool while converting powerful UV rays to heat up pool water for more summer fun and a longer swimming season. Backed by an extended 6 year warranty.

Benefits of a solar cover

  • Slows pool water evaporation, reduces chemical use.
  • Retains pool heat overnight.
  • Keeps dirt and leaves out of the pool, when not in use. Easy Pool Maintenance.
  • Save money and heat your pool the natural way.

Note: NS445, NS450, NS460 are shipped truckline. Please allow approximately 2 weeks for delivery.

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