Consider A Staycation For Family Fun

Have you thought about maybe staying home for your vacation this year?

At first glance that might not seem so exciting, but proponents of the "staycation" are quick to praise its merits.

In one sense, what you're doing is "taking a vacation from a vacation," by eliminating the stress of highways, airports, jet lag, long lines at venues while also managing to save a lot of money.

Getting to really know each other as a family is sometimes in short supply in today's complex and hectic world, and taking that trip to a "destination" sometimes actually works against that goal. Sometimes, the hassles associated with travel and setting an agenda of activities you "have to do" can detract from good old-fashioned family togetherness and fun.

Lots of parents say their children's most fun memories revolve around staycations.

Family swimming in a pool

Plan Ahead and Unplug

One of the keys to a successful staycation is making some basic (not elaborate) plans to make sure you don't just end up sitting around the house for a week.

These can include having someone come in and clean your house thoroughly to start the staycation, develop an exciting menu for the week (or have meals delivered), purchase or rent new movies and check out interesting local sight-seeing opportunities.

Another avenue to consider is simplifying by turning off the cell phones, putting the clocks in a closet, muting the answering machine, stopping the mail and skipping the news.

Go Camping in the Backyard!

A popular family activity for staycations is the backyard camping trip and that obviously can be a great "bonding" experience that children and youth will remember for years. A variation on that can be an elaborate backyard family picnic (or at an appropriate site near your home).

Swim the Days Away!

The centerpiece of a family staycation could very well be a backyard swimming pool. It can provide great family fun for many staycations to come, as well as normal use throughout the swimming season.

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Or Just Stay Home and Play Games!

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Staycation with

In short, we are your One-Stop Shop for a successful staycation with activities that can be continued throughout the years.

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