Five easy steps on your path to purchasing an aboveground pool

It’s not complicated in choosing a pool. It can be done in five easy steps!

  • Choose your pool. Keep in mind that you can get more pool for your money in round. Your choices can range from a pool made of all steel, steel and plastic (resin) or a rust free aluminum.
  • Choose your liner. Your choices can range from a simple all blue or a print pattern liner that fastens hanging over the wall. You even have the option of something with a print tile border similar to what you would see in an in-ground pool.
  • Choose your filtration system. There are three choices in the industry. Sand, cartridge and diatomaceous earth.
  • Choose your sanitation. Choices can be made with choosing just to add liquid chlorine on a daily basis or having a mineral purification system that can cut down 80% on chlorine, keep you from having itchy skin, faded bathing suits and most of all a great way to babysit your pool.
  • Choose your ladder. Planning on building a deck around your pool? Then choose an in pool ladder or walk in steps. Which can make it easier for little ones to exit the pool. Ladder options can have multiple differences in safety which can keep little ones from entering the pool also. Choose what works best for your family.