How to Finance Your New Swimming Pool

Having a pool is one of the most desired additions for home owners today. Not only does a pool offer a great place to cool off during the summer months, but it is synonymous with entertaining friends and neighbors. Having an above ground pool or in ground swimming pool can add value to your home and provide years of enjoyment outdoors.

A lot of home owners are unable to pay for an expensive in ground pool. However, spending thousands of dollars to enjoy a pool in your own back yard is no longer the norm. In fact, many people are turning to above ground swimming pools because they can be so much more affordable. We have a large selection of above ground pools available and they don't have to break the bank. Additionally, new financing options are on the market that can make pool ownership a reality for most homeowners.

Many financial companies are offering ways to help you pay for your swimming pool which can improve the value of your home. If your credit rating is good, we can help locate very reasonable financing options with generous payment terms and a low interest rate. A swimming pool, if well developed and constructed, can boost the overall value of your property, so it can be considered and funded as a home renovation. The first step in getting your swimming pool financed is to locate a reputable loan provider.

Traditional Financing Options

One option is to start at your local bank. Whether you use Bank of America, Wells Fargo or a similar financial institution, most offer some type of lending. You could consider a home equity loan or new mortgage depending on terms, interest rates and other factors. The key is to find a reputable lender and speak to a financial consultant to learn about the pros and cons of different loans associated with home renovation.

Online Financing Options

Some individuals may be interested in locating a funding solution online. In fact, we work with several online lending companies including LendingClub, TimePayments, AquaFinance, LightStream and others, and we can help you determine which company is best for you and assist with submitting loan applications to any of them.

Shop around for the best deal, though. You may want to check other lending websites like and which often offer a variety of options for home improvement loans. However, we always recommended you take the time to understand all the implications of securing a loan through an online retailer. Pay particular attention to loan costs, rates of interest, payment terms and whether you will be using your home as collateral. The amount and terms of your loan vary according to these particular points.

The Planning Process

With financing secured, the next step is to focus your efforts on the planning process. Work with your pool dealer to find a swimming pool that will meet your specific needs. There are many shapes, sizes and other pool features you must decide on before making a purchase. We can walk you through this process and explain the pros and cons of different pool types. Once you've made a decision on the pool you want and any added features, it's time to brush up on the installation process.

Installing an above ground swimming pool is very different than an inground installation. If you plan to install an above ground pool on your own, we can can advise you on what tools you'll need, provide instructions in different formats (paper instructions, videos, PDFs, etc.) and help you understand how much time will be required for installation. When a pool is installed correctly, it extends the life and usability of the pool.

If you've purchased an inground pool, we'll give you a detailed installation plan so you'll know the steps required to install your pool, giving you a good idea of the time required for the install as well as the essential milestones the at each stage of the project. We recommend you only use a certified pool installer to excavate and grade your property before installing the swimming pool.

A swimming pool can be a reality for most homeowners. Consider the type of pool you want, the estimated cost associated with the pool and find a reputable lender who can help you secure a financing option that works for your budget. With so many swimming pool options and ways to pay for it, having your own swimming pool can become a reality.