How to Set Up An Oval Above Ground Pool

Looking to host parties in your pool? Pick a roomy oval! Jay gives a run down on how to get one up and running.

Jay Backer

Just like the popular saying, "If you build it, they will come," so it is with swimming pools. They're perfect for making friends and making memories. Families all across America have found that when the pool is in their yard, so are the people! If you're looking to host pool parties or backyard gatherings of your own, you'll want to consider an oval pool since they usually accommodate more people. So, let's look at a few best practices for getting an oval swimming pool up and running.

If you're ready to jump right in, check out our 2 part video series below to see an oval above ground pool installation from start to finish. But be sure to read the rest of the article for more helpful tips.

Part 1

Part 2

Select the right pool

Be sure to consider the number of people you expect to entertain, keeping in mind that oval swimming pools are generally larger and work better in longer yards. With a measuring tape, measure the spot in your yard to ensure that the pool and the location you select fits nicely while allowing some free space on each side for installation, decking and necessary equipment.

Don't forget to check with your municipality regarding codes, ordinances and other compliance regulations before you begin your installation. Never place a pool over underground utility or water lines or directly below overhead utility lines.

Prepare the ground before delivery

Before your pool arrives, you'll want to clear the area of any rocks, roots or other debris. Using a shovel or sod cutter, pull up the sod in the designated area. Consider renting a professional or builder-grade leveling tool to level the ground where your new pool will be built. You'll also want to make sure you have the proper tools and equipment on hand before getting started.

Quick Tip

Dig down the higher areas rather than trying to fill in the lower areas.

Lay the sand and tamp the pool base

Smooth the sand at the bottom of the pool and tamp it to make it strong and even. Wetting the sand before tamping makes it easier to pack.

When your pool arrives, take time to organize the parts and prepare your tools

Separate the bottom plates, stabilizer rails and bottom rails. Consider placing the bottom rails and plates around the perimeter prior to connecting them. Then, level the bottom track and prepare the base blocks so the entire assembly is ready to accept the pool wall and uprights.

Install the pool liner

Once the wall is in place, it's time to install the liner. It's essential that your pool's liner be installed carefully. This would be a great time to review the installation video.

Attach the stabilizer rails and top plates

The stabilizer rails help in maintaining the integrity of the pool. Use a leveler to ensure the uprights are perpendicular to the ground for maximum stability. Once done, put the top rails on and ensure a good, solid fit before screwing them into place.

Take time for a quick review of your work

Make sure you haven't overlooked any connections or missed any screws. Double-check all your work to this point to ensure everything fits together nice and snug. There should be no loose fitting parts. Review everything with an eye to quality workmanship. Spending an extra sixty minutes now can save you a lot of time and money later.

Fill the pool with water S L O W L Y

Filling an above ground pool with water should be a slow process. This allows you to smooth out wrinkles, check various installation points and measure stress on the joints.

Quick Tip

Begin smoothing wrinkles out of the liner when there is roughly one inch of water.

Install the pump and filtration system

Make sure all fittings are properly connected to your swimming pool and that the hoses are routed correctly. When placing the pump and filter, allow position the assembly so there are no kinks in the hoses and make sure the lines aren't strained or stressed in any way.

Enjoy your new pool... you deserve it!