Saunas Improve Health and Relaxation in Your Own Home

Saunas, which have been around for almost 2,000 years, are rapidly gaining in popularity in the United States.

Interest in saunas in the US initially began in 1952, when athletes participating in the Olympic Games in Helsinki were introduced to saunas as part of the Finnish training routine. Finland has long been recognized as the modern home of the sauna, but news of the health benefits of the practice have spread worldwide.

At, we have a great selection of saunas to help you take the steps to better health and relaxation.

Couple enjoying a sauna!

Benefits of Using a Sauna

Among the many benefits of the sauna are improved cardiovascular health, relaxed and soothed muscles, flushing of toxins, cleansed skin, stress relief and induced sleep. Saunas also are great for weight loss. A single, 30-minute session can burn hundreds of calories.

There also are recreational or social aspects associated with enjoying a sauna. Plus, it just feels good.

"Sweating is so good for you," one sauna enthusiast said, "and it's great to take time for yourself."

The Best Home Saunas on the Market

Our company offers numerous exciting sauna models for your home, gym or pool area.

Featuring either carbon or ceramic heating units, the far infrared systems provide deep penetrating heat for maximum relaxation and health benefits. Infrared models also allow the user to perspire at relatively low temperatures and require less time for a full sauna experience.

Each unit has its own ionizer to permit you to breathe clean, pure air, as well as sanitizing the unit as it runs.

Heat and humidity can be regulated with convenient LED control panels. The saunas feature excellent exterior and interior lighting and are designed with full glass entry doors.

Our models feature towel and magazine racks, and most offer radio, CD and MP3 entertainment systems.

Beautiful Canadian Red Cedar or Hemlock models feature hand-finished wood surfaces that are resistant to fungus and mildew and will enhance any home decor. The result is the creation of a spa-like personal getaway in your own home.

Depending upon your personal preference and the space available, we offer 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6-person sauna models.

Our infrared saunas have very low EMF levels and contain no toxins.

Your best source for Personal Home Saunas

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Additionally, our website features a variety of accessory items to give you the best sauna experience possible.

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