Mineral Pool Sanitation Systems Offer The Best Water Money Can Buy!

Water with the least additive is often water that is considered to be the best. How much are you willing to pay for great water? There are many brands of drinking water that cost upwards of $5 a gallon when purchased 20 ounces at a time. The average swimming pool in America holds 15,000 gallons. If you filled your swimming pool with drinking water, it could cost you upwards of $75,000! But doesn't everyone who owns a swimming pool desire drinking water quality to swim in?

Does your swimming pool suffer from heavy chemical odors that bother your sinus, dry your skin and bleach your bathing suits? Do you find that maintaining a steady amount of the right level of chlorine in the swimming pool is hard to do? Do you get algae in your swimming pool on a regular basis? Whether your swimming pool is above ground or inground, these are very common characteristics of swimming pool maintenance unless you have invested in a mineral sanitation system.

The good news is that there is a better way to maintain a swimming pool than loads of chemicals that have harsh side effects. Technology is not developed to the level that anyone can deliver drinking water quality inside the pool, but with a mineral system maintaining water chemistry balance, you have the opportunity to come real close to the best water money can buy. With a Pool Frog or Nature 2 Mineral Sanitation System installed on your pool or spa, chemical usage and consumption is only a fraction of what is used on a swimming pool or spa without minerals. Reduction in chemical usage for your swimming pool/spa is as high as 80% less when using a mineral sanitization system.

A Pool Frog or Nature 2 Mineral Sanitation System uses silver, a very safe mineral for humans, to kill bacteria on contact. Another industry that utilizes the strength and safety of silver as a bactericide is the medical field where silver oxide is used in the eyes of infants when born or used to kill bacteria with burn victims in the ICU. The antibacterial properties of silver have been known for centuries. The Romans often placed silver coins in their water and wine vessels to keep them bacteria free. Mineral sanitization systems sometimes also use low doses of copper to keep away algae. The levels of both minerals, silver and copper, are so low that they will not stain the surface of your swimming pool or spa but high enough to kill harmful bacteria. Mineral sanitation is effective enough to allow lower chlorine levels, and pools with these systems often can have crystal clear water with less than 1ppm (part per million) of chlorine. That's less than the chlorine levels in some municipal tap water.

A Pool Frog or Nature 2 Mineral Sanitation System is the positive, natural way to keep water clean and safe without the negative side effects of chemicals. Mineral technology is very affordable and easy to install. Best of all, you get safe, clean and easy-to-manage water with no side effects.