What are the Benefits of a Saltwater Pool?

First of all, there no doubt is a misconception for many as to what a saltwater pool actually is. If you're thinking of ocean-type water, you're wrong. The amount of salt in a typical pool is roughly 3,000 parts per million, or approximately 1/10th the level of ocean water.

In fact, swimmers probably will not even be able to detect a salt taste to the water.

The key to the process is a salt chlorine generator, which uses electrolysis to produce the sanitizing agent for the pool. Chlorine is extracted from the salt in the water and the process repeats itself over and over, making for much less routine maintenance than in a traditional chlorine pool.

The process was developed in the 1970s and now about 70 percent of new pools use the salt water regeneration process.

While the initial cost of salt pool equipment may be higher, the pool owner does not have to purchase and store harsh chemicals so the savings helps recover that investment rather quickly.

The generator system produces a softer and more effective chlorine. And the level of chlorine is lower, which tends to eliminate the irritating smell associated with the chemical.

Saltwater pools generally provide a softer, silkier swim that is also easier on the skin and eyes. Saltwater pools also are less likely to discolor hair or bleach swimsuits.

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