What Does It Cost To Maintain An Above-Ground Pool?

If you're seriously considering adding a swimming pool to your own backyard, you're probably asking yourself what a pool costs to maintain over time.

The quick answer is that it's very affordable, especially if you do it yourself! Fortunately, maintaining a pool is actually very easy to do, and it doesn't have to cost a fortune.

Obviously, proper pool maintenance is critical to getting the most enjoyment out of your pool and the most return on your pool investment. Developing a regular maintenance schedule, and sticking to it, will add years to the life of your pool and is a key factor in your goal of providing exciting outdoor fun for your family. Staying ahead of any potential problems is far better than fixing a bad situation.

The 3 Basics - Filtration, Cleaning and Chemistry

Filtration - It's a good rule of thumb to keep your pool's filter system running at least 8 hours a day during summer months. That should assure all the water in your pool passes through the system at least once a day. And keep in mind that the longer the filter operates each day, the better. Depending on your specific operational factors, it's a good idea to empty the skimmer and filter basket weekly. Also, be sure to regularly check the PSI of the pump. If it is 5-10 pounds above installation level, it's time to clean it.

Cleaning - The pump and filter system will not completely keep your pool's water clean. There will always be areas where some cleaning with a brush will be necessary, such as in the corners of the pool, stairs, pool toys, etc. A good weekly skimming, brushing and vacuuming will keep your pool in good condition.

Chemistry - Chlorine is the primary chemical for maintining a sparkling clean pool, and it can be provided in several forms and methods. An occasional "shock" usually is necessary to take care of any bacteria that is not handled through your regular chlorination. The chlorine system takes care of the basic sanitation of the pool, but other factors also need to be checked on a regular basis, such as the pH balance, water hardness and calcium levels. Testing kits are available that make this a simple task. Sometimes algaecides and clarifiers will be needed to keep your pool in top shape.

So what does it cost?

The good news is that do-it-yourself pool maintenance is easy and inexpensive. It's primarily a matter of weekly and monthly testing and follow-up. The main costs will be chemicals, electricity and water. Of course, these items will vary slightly depending on your geographic location and the length of the swimming season in your region.

A basic estimate is that chemicals will cost about $25-50 a month and possibly less if you're operating a saltwater system. Electricity and water should run about $30-50 a month, depending on the rates in your area. Another rule of thumb some have used is that annual maintenance will cost about 10 percent of your pool's original cost. This estimate also takes into account overall long-term costs for the maintenance of your pool equipment.

Of course, costs can be higher if the owner chooses to hire a professional firm to do some or all of the pool maintenance tasks. But this cost can also vary widely depending on your location.

In summary, pool maintenance costs are not burdensome for DIY homeowners who give the time and attention to keep equipment and water quality in good shape.

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