What is the Biggest Above-Ground Pool?

If you have plenty of space in your backyard setting, a large above-ground pool may be just the ticket for years of family fun.

When considering the size of the pool for your situation, remember that dimensions are for the inside of the pool. Walls and supporting structures can add to the overall size.

At FamilyPoolFun.com, we have several massive above-ground pools of superior quality that will provide years of outdoor fun for your family. Round models can be purchased for up to 36 feet in diameter while ovals are up to 21 by 41 feet. Side walls of up to 54 inches in height complete the package.

All our pools are quality-constructed in North America, with free shipping and convenient payment plans available.

Our biggest above ground pools

Grand Bahama - This popular pool comes in a variety of sizes, up to 30 feet for a round model and a huge 21 by 41 for the oval.

Grand Bahama above ground pool

The oval model has braceless supports which will require less yard space for installation. The Grand Bahama has a 10-inch top rail and uprights, among the largest available. The resin frame is impervious to corrosion and the galvanized steel side walls (up to 54 inches in height) will provide years of backyard fun. This model comes with an impressive 60-year limited warranty. As an added bonus, the Grand Bahama is saltwater-approved, which results in a smoother, silkier swim.

Matrix - Considered the finest above-ground pool on the market today, the Matrix comes in up to 33-foot round or 18 by 40 oval dimensions.

Matrix above ground pool

The Matrix pool features an 8-inch resin top rail and uprights. The oval model features braceless support design to minimize needed yard space. The round model has a true round shape which eliminates the "stop-sign" appearance of traditional straight edge top rails. Star Galfin technology on the 54-inch steel walls gives a corrosion-resistant baked-on finish to completely seal the walls from pool chemicals. This model also is approved for saltwater generation. To top it all off, the Matrix comes with a 60-year limited warranty!

Bermuda - Constructed from corrosion-proof aluminum, this is unquestionably one of the best pools offered by FamilyPoolFun.com.

Bermuda above ground pool

The Bermuda pool is unique in that it can be installed above-ground, partially in-ground or fully in-ground. The heavy-gauge aluminum posts and interlocking parts provide extraordinary strength. The Bermuda comes in up to a 28-foot round model and 18 by 40 oval. The oval model features non-buttressed supports to minimize the space taken up in the yard. The Bermuda has an 8-inch aluminum top rail and 6.25-inch posts with resin seal caps and comes with 54-inch side walls. This exceptional pool also is saltwater-approved, which enables your family to enjoy a great smooth swim. The durability of this model is reflected in its lifetime limited warranty!

Arizona Grand - Our most popular pool, this model comes in up to a 33-foot round model and a huge 18 by 44 oval!

Arizona Grand above ground pool

The oval model Arizona Grand features a space-saving, buttress-free design. This high-tech resin corrosion-resistant pool is beautifully designed for many years of family fun. The Arizona Grand is made in North America by Trevi Pools, the premier above-ground manufacturer for more than 50 years. The pool features thick 52-inch industrial strength steel walls, with an 8-inch resin ledge and 6.25-inch upright columns. A perfect pool for saltwater use, it provides a silky and soft swim. The Arizona Grand comes with a 50-year limited warranty!

We make pool ownership easy!

So, if you're looking for a quality full-size swimming pool, we've got you covered! Pool ownership is easier than you can imagine. FamilyPoolFun.com will guide you through all the steps from selection and installation to long-term maintenance. Our experienced customer service staff members are available to answer any questions you have. We answer every call personally. We are swimming pool specialists and not a sales-only outlet, a crucial consideration on such a major purchase. In short, we take customer satisfaction seriously!

In addition to the pool itself, you can choose several kits that include everything you need to get swimming fast, like a pump and filter, ladder, chemicals, and pool cleaners. We also have lots of information on our website and numerous instructional videos.

FamilyPoolFun.com has been delivering family fun since 1990. We look forward to helping you enjoy many years of outdoor fun with your family!