What is the Shape of Your Water?

Have you ever seen a square drop of water? Of course not! Water is natural in a radius shape.

Have you ever wondered why above ground swimming pools are usually round or oval and not square?

When shopping for an above ground swimming pool you will find there are many sizes and patterns to choose from, but most come in either round or oval shapes. Round shaped above ground pools have the advantage of offering more swimming area per gallons of water and cost less per gallon of water to build.

Oval shaped above ground pools require additional side brace supports and some also require metal straps from side to side under the liner to give additional strength. There are more parts and pieces involved in assembly of an oval above ground pool due to these side supports which equates to an expensive alternative to round. Some people just love the way an oval above ground pool looks and they love to swim laps in their pool so this is a perfect choice for them!

Why not square? Above ground pools fight the earth's gravity when they are built freestanding on top of the ground. A radius is much stronger than a straight line, therefore, a round above ground pool does not require additional side supports like an oval above ground pool. If an above ground pool were to be built square like an inground swimming pool, there would need to be a large number of side supports and many truckloads of back fill dirt to hold the pool up and to keep gravity from pulling the water out of the pool. Square and rectangle swimming pools are best when buried in the ground where the dirt around them can hold them up and keep the water in.

Above Ground Swimming pools are beautiful when surrounded by a wooden deck and landscaped yard. Both round and oval shapes have great attributes that create a wonderful atmosphere for you, friends, and your family, to enjoy for many years. Just imagine yourself reclining on a lounger next to your own above ground swimming pool on a hot summer day, all the while the kids are splashing and giggling, and you do not have a care in the world because you purchased a swimming pool from Familypoolfun.com. The experience was so fast and easy you wonder why you didn't do this years ago. Whatever your budget, there is an above ground pool size that can work for you.