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Lil Shark™ Above Ground Pool Automatic Cleaner

$ 249.98

SKU: NE430


This economical pool cleaner scrubs and vacuums flat or dished bottom above ground pools.

The Lil Shark™ devours both large and small debris from your pool. Patented vortex design, with only one moving part, even operates on pools with lower flow rates. Cleans flat bottom or dished out pools, but is not a wall climber. Since it only has one moving part, maintenance is reduced and reliability is increased. The unit installs in minutes without special tools or fittings. Since it operates on the suction produced by your pump and filter system, it runs automatically whenever your pump is operating.

Lil Shark™ not only vacuums, but scrubs your pool, gobbling up all types of debris. The unit comes complete with 32 feet of hose. Backed by a 1 year warranty. Invest in this debris-eating dynamo and enjoy your pool more!


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