Premium Fence Kit for Above Ground Pools

Valued up to: $398.39

$ 89.20 - $ 241.45

This solid 24 inch (61 cm) tall fencing helps to keep unwanted intruders out of the pool and toys in the pool. The rigid resin construction is maintenance-free, U.V.-protected, and can be mounted on any above ground pool. Fence rails and pickets are rib reinforced and mounting brackets are injection-molded high impact resin, for unbeatable strength. Mounting brackets are also adjustable to accommodate any width pool top rail. Kits include decorative post cap, all stainless steel hardware, fence rail and pickets. Fence rail is 64.5 in. long but can be easily cut to fit your needs. Spacing between pickets does not exceed 4 inches.

Fence kits are available in 3 kit sizes (8, 3 and 2 fence-section kits). Start with the base 8 fence-section kit and then add additional kits to match to your specific pool size. To estimate which kits you will need to enclose your pool you will need to count the 'fence sections.' One fence section equals the amount of fencing used to span between two pool uprights. Simply count the number of fence sections your pool requires and use our Fence Chart to determine which kits to order. All fencing, fence posts, installation instructions and required hardware is included

NOTE: Base Kit A includes 8 sections and is required on all installations. Add-on Kit B includes 3 add-on sections. Add-on Kit C includes 2 add-on sections.


  • Stainless steel hardware will not rust
  • Injection molded mounting brackets provide superior strength
  • Base Kit A includes 8 sections and is required on all installations
  • Add-on Kit B includes 3 add-on sections
  • Add-on Kit C includes 2 add-on sections
  • Coordinates with NE120T or NE115T A-Frame Ladders or NE1160T In-pool ladder (Connector Kit sold seperately)
  • Coordinating solar light kit also available (sold seperately)