Happy Bottom Pool Floor Pad with Sure Seam Tape

$ 222.59 - $ 1455.50

Add years of life to your pool!

HappyBottom Pool Pad can add years of life to a pool and its liner. Made with special high density Ethafoma. HappyBottom Pool Pad provides a puncture resistant barrier that helps protect your swimming pool's liner. Happy Bottom also acts as a vapor barrier to keep corrosion causing moisture away from metal pool components. A soft, smooth, easy to clean pool bottom, with reduced indentations and added insulation are just a few of the many valuable benefits of using HappyBottom Pool Pad. A pool pad will help prevent leaks in your liner. *Note: Does not stop nut grass.

  • Easy to install
  • Makes bottom cleaning easier
  • Helps protects liner from punctures
  • Extends liner life
  • High density, Low compression
  • Great for pool setup on concrete
  • Reduces heat loss
  • May eliminate the need for sand
  • Minimizes corrosion of metal components