15 FULL Year Above Ground Swimming Pool Winter Covers

Valued up to: $355.36

$ 37.09 - $ 215.37

This winter cover is built to last!

Constructed of our strongest and most tear resistant materialever, this cover features rugged U.V. stabilized woven polyethylene for ultimate protection against sun, snow, wind and ice. Black underside to retards algae and heat sealed seams ensure a clean water for Spring. Comes complete with heavy vinyl coated cable and tightener anchored by rip proof metal grommets spaced 30 inches apart. This rugged cover is back by a 15 year warranty (15 years full rated). Blue with black underside. Invest in quality this fall with Arctic Armor Plus Gold.

Big, 4 foot overlap! Big, 4 foot overlap for longer wear! We don't skimp on fabric! An extra foot of material provides a better fit, especially on pools with wide top-rails. Extra fabric takes up slack during windy weather, preventing excessive wear and tear.

Woven strong! Strong, long-lasting woven strands Arctic Armor Plus covers are woven strong with long-lasting polyethylene fibers to produce a cover that can hold up to winters worst.

No more algae! No more algae growth! Arctic Armor Plus covers are constructed of an extremely tight weave fabric that does not allow light to pass through. Without sunlight, algae cannot grow!

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