EZ Sunday 52 in. Steel Above Ground Pool

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The Trevi EZ Sunday Above Ground Swimming Pool Package is an ideal way to make your own backyard resort a reality at an incredible price. After a long, hot day, what could be more inviting for parents and children than coming home to your own pool. Whether you're looking for a place to kick back and relax, or to swim and have some fun, the EZ Sunday Swimming Pool will sure be the focus of memories this summer at a price you can afford! You don't have to drive or leave your home to enjoy a family getaway. The swimming pool is BEAUTIFUL to look at, simple to set up and is manufactured from top quality materials to provide years of enjoyment backed with a 40 year warranty. Unlike other swimming pools, the EZ Sunday uses a SINGLE TYPE of super sized SCREW throughout the assembly of the pool. No more reaching for a lot of different tools! The sturdy 6.25 inch top ledge, the durable 5.25 inch upright posts with the deeply corrugated commercial grade steel wall gives the whole pool excellent strength. A precise fit every time with an appealing neutral marble pattern wall design using Cognac plus Clear Krystal Kote to prevent any corrosion. This EZ Sunday Above Ground Swimming Pools have been designed with your FAMILY in mind.

Trevi pools are made in North America and is the premier aboveground pool manufacturer in the swimming pool industry for over 50 years. We provide QUALITY all the way, we offer the BEST POOL and the BEST VALUE while providing HIGH QUALITY CUSTOMER SERVICE the right way! FINE WORKMANSHIP and attention to detail will allow you to enjoy QUALITY family time at home for years. Done right the first time with no missing parts and the highest quality components. Simply the Best Value!

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Complete Pool Kits

Everything you need to get swimming!

Choose from two convenient pool packages. Standard Kits are perfect for replacing an existing pool. Premium Kits are tailored to first time pool buyers and include a pump & filter system, ladder, maintenance equipment and even a starter chemical kit!



Blue overlap liner

Beautiful liner
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Free Free
Fully functional skimmer and return

Skimmer kit
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Free Free
Pump and filter system

Pump & filter system
16 inch 1 HP Pump/Filter details
for pools up to 24 Round or 15x30 Oval
19 inch 1.5 HP Pump/Filter details
for pools 24 Round or 15x30 Oval and larger

Free cleaner

Free cleaner
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A-frame ladder

Choose A-frame or Deck ladder
A-frame ladder details
Deck ladder details

Solar cover

Solar cover
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Maintenance kit

Maintenance kit
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Strong winter cover

Winter cover
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Chemical Startup kit

Chemical startup kit
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Sizes and Dimensions

Use this handy reference to find the perfect size for your yard!

Item Size Shape Depth Gallons Sq.Ft. Starting At
EZSNDY88'round 52143650$772.74
EZSNDY1212'round 523228114$784.04
EZSNDY1515'round 525045177$884.76
EZSNDY1818'round 527264255$1007.96
EZSNDY2121'round 529887347$1120.07
EZSNDY2424'round 5212914453$1231.98
EZSNDY2727'round 5216344574$1568.01
EZSNDY3030'round 5220178708$1792.03
EZSNDY121812'x18'oval 524843170$1456.00
EZSNDY163216'x32'oval 524843170$1904.02
EZSNDY183318'x33'oval 5213317467$2016.03
EZSNDY184418'x44'oval 5213317467$2576.08

*Note: Dimensions are approximate. See installation guide or dig sheet in Support for specific measurements.

Depth is wall height. Gallons are calculated at recommended fill level of 6 inches below wall height.

See order chart for current prices and to configure your pool.


All pools come with a Solid Blue 20 Gauge Overlap Liner unless an upgrade is chosen.

Free liner! Your new pool includes a heavy-duty overlap vinyl liner manufactured for years of use. Learn more about these high quality liners.

Or, for a small cost, you can chose from a variety of other vibrant liner patterns and styles.

Assembly & Installation

FOR EASE OF INSTALLATION Both the skimmer and the regular return outlets are PRE-PUNCHED on the wall. Also, many parts are common. Assembly is easy and installation is simple! This is the best 6.25 inch ledge swimming pool for the best price anywhere!!!

EASIEST ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS YOU WILL FIND. The directions are CLEAR and SIMPLE. The step-by- step instructions are made for the novice. An online installation video will make set up simple. These pools are designed to assemble quickly and easily. Also, you will be given a HOTLINE for technical assistance by phone.

WHY DO FAMILIES LIKE POOLS from FamilyPoolFun.com? Because a family likes the fact that our Pools are SHIPPED COMPLETE  with NO MISSING PARTS , and there is always consistency with the product line. This is extremely important when you are assembling your pool during a weekend. You want a pool that has all the RIGHT PARTS and does not fail. In addition, compact packaging of the pool ASSURES that all parts arrive in good condition. Families purchase a our pools because of the high quality with HIGH customer SATISFACTION. Simply the BEST Value!

WHAT SHOULD WE EXPECT INSTALLING THE POOL OURSELVES? Because your pool is a Trevi Aboveground swimming pool (ONE TYPE OF SCREW FOR ASSEMBLY), by following the easy installation instructions, you can achieve a professional installation in one weekend. Plan on preparing the base one day and assembling the pool the next. The result will be a beautiful pool!


  • COMPLETE Above Ground Pool Package for MEGA SAVINGS!!
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Unlike other swimming pools, the EZ Sunday Cornelius Trevi Above Ground Round Pool uses a SINGLE TYPE of super sized self-tapping SCREW throughout the assembly of the pool. No more reaching for a lot of different tools!
  • THICKER 52 inch high industrial strength corrugated steel walls: If you're looking for superior quality and strength in contemporary styling, Trevi offers state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques. Located in Minnesota our Pools have to have a thick WALL to compensate for our harsher winters.
  • HOT HEAVY GAUGE: Better than other aboveground swimming pools, the heavy gauge corrosion-resistant galvanized walls 52 inch COMMERICAL grade steel wall undergoes a multi-treatment process including hot-dipped galvanizing, painting with durable all season "Weatherizer" space-age polyester paint, and top coated with tough "Cognac plus KRYSTAL KOTE" liquid vinyl for lasting beauty and extra weather and element protection. This coating is so heavy you can feel it!
  • ATTRACTIVE and STYLISH: The EZ Sunday pool features a beautiful designer wall pattern. Not only pleasing to the eye, wall pattern is designed to last. Color coordinated post and top ledges add a graceful touch. This pool provides your family with more beauty, more fun at less cost, period! This pool will be a HANDSOME addition to any backyard.
  • DOUBLE ROLLED: Top and bottom tracks are DOUBLE ROLLED (not single) to provide a STRONG rigid track for the perimeter of the pool with no weak or sharp unrolled edges. All connectors and tracks are built to last.
  • STURDY CONSTRUCTION: The EZ Sunday frame consists of a HEAVY DUTY 6.25 inch ledge for DURABILITY, along with 5.25 inch upright posts providing EXCELLENT STRENGTH. The hot-dipped industrial strength galvanized frame is coated with a special, scientifically formulated liquid vinyl "KRYSTAL KOTE" for a long lasting barrier against UV rays, pool chemicals and day to day family use.
  • ROLLED: The edges on the posts are rolled. No SHARP edges. All frame components are manufactured from hot-dipped galvanized steel.
  • DOUBLE-SUPPORTED: Strong patented two piece injection MOLDED RESIN cap on each joint to rigidize the top ledge of the pool. No flimsy caps here.
  • LOCK IN: A patented TRIANGULAR LOCK-IN top and bottom track (rails) and connector assembly.
  • FULL 1 inch heavy steel bottom rail and steel bottom connectors
  • STRONG: Steel top track and top connectors
  • INTERLOCKING STEEL STABILIZER RAILS: The interlocking stabilizer rails makes the Trevi the best for "strength and longevity".
  • LONG WARRANTY: 40 year limited warranty (2 years 100%)
  • STRONG steel buttress side supports: Unlike other swimming pools, the Trevi Above Ground Oval pool is a true oval. "Best Engineered" and "Strongest Oval Available" accurately describe a Cornelius Oval Pool.

Warranty and Service

40 Year Warranty!

40 year (20 + 20) limited warranty (2 years 100%)