Vitro Simming Pool Filter Media

$ 36.95

SKU: NA5162

This remarkable alternative to sand lets you use fewer chemicals while improving water quality!

Introducing amazing Vitro Filter Media for use in sand filters. Manufactured of recycled, crushed glass, Vitro provides an amazing improvement in water clarity over sand. Use of Vitro lowers your consumption of chlorine and other sanitizers because it cleans the water so well. Begin using Vitro in your sand filter and realize these amazing benefits:

  • Improved water clarity, purity and quality
  • Removes finer particles from your pool water than sand
  • Lowers consumption of chlorine and other sanitizers
  • Reduces backwashes
  • Use 20% less than sand
  • Filters down to 5-10 microns

Vitro fits all sand filters. Use 20% less than the recommended amount for sand. Comes in 50 lb bag.