Brute Force Hi Output In Ground Pool Winter Cover Pump

$ 138.95 - $ 163.90

Pumps up to 2450 gallons per hour!

Put this big brute to work in your pool or on your pool cover and drain it quickly! This lightweight pump will drain your cover, spa, pool, basement or boat. Fully submersible and clog resistant. Removes water to within 3/16" of any surface. Comes complete with garden hose adaptor and extra long 33 ft. cord.

It's automatic!

Our high output pump comes with an adjustable automatic feature that lets you set the water level at which the pump turns on and off. Once set, the pump runs in automatic mode and continually drains accumulating water. The pump also can be set in manual mode when necessary. Put the power of 2450 GPH in your pool, boat or basement with the Brute Force High Output pump. 110-120V AC. UL Listed. 1-Year Warranty.

Stabilizer base

To give our in-ground cover pumps more stability on solid winter covers, add our universal pump base. Easy snap on design fits either of our Brute Force in-ground pumps. New low profile base (12.25" diam x 1.5" H) allows the pump to sit lower, so more water can be extracted. Simply twist on and lock to pump. See Item No. NW2255.


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