EnduraPool Grecian True-L InGround Swimming Pool Kit

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EnduraPool™'s Grecian True-L inground pool not only looks great, it's functional, too! That's because true-L pools are some of the rommiest pool designs available. Built on the basic rectangular shape and extended with an 'L' leg to one side, these pools create a truly spacious backyard oasis! There's plenty of room for adults to swim in the deep end while the kids play and splash in the shallow L. Grecian corners maximize walking and deck space around the perimeter of the pool and add extra pizzaz to the design without sacrificing swim area. It's a great combination! Available in lots of sizes and depths.

No matter which shape you choose, each EnduraPool™ package comes complete with everything needed to create your own in ground pool oasis from start to finish in one shipment! Plus, you can completely customize your package with your choice of liner and lots of available extras! Ships in only 2 weeks.


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Made with high-grade steel Superior Design
EnduraPool™ do-it-yourself in-ground pool kits are constructed of industrial grade, high-strength galvanized steel wall panels for optimum strength and corrosion protection. Plus, each wall panel is reinforced with a combination of adjustable frame bracing and rebar assembly.

Lifetime Warranty
EnduraPool™ is so tough, it comes with a Lifetime Warranty! So, you get the security and peace-of-mind of knowing you\'re getting a pool backed by a manufacturer with over 30 years of experience building quality pools and a written guarantee for life!

Complete Kits
EnduraPool™ kits come complete with all accessories needed to create your own backyard oasis, including a Pentair® sand filtration system, steps, ladder, all fittings, bronze escutcheons and anchors, a maintenance kit and more! And we even give you your choice of liner pattern so you have a completely custom pool!

Do-it-Yourself Installation
Most homeowners have the skills to install the EnduraPool™ themselves. The most difficult part of the project is preparing the ground and finishing the concrete decking, but actual setup is really quite simple. The unique adjustable wall brace design makes assembly a cinch, and with the included bullnose coping deck edging, it's easy to achieve a slick, professional finish.

Complete Pool Packages

Everything needed to build your in ground pool oasis!

Each EnduraPool™ in-ground kit comes with everything needed to build your pool in one convenient shipment!

Galvanized Steel Wall

14-Gauge Steel Wall with adjustable braces for easy assembly and superior strength.

Durable Vinyl Liner

Your choice of several vinyl liner styles. See the full selection when ordering!

Sand Filter System

1.5 horsepower Pentair pump and sand filtration system for sparkling clean water.

Fiberglass Steps and Handrail

Beautiful 8 ft. Fiberglass Steps with Figure-4 Handrail

3-Tread Deep End Ladder

3-Tread Deep End Ladder

Skimmer, Main Drain and Fittings

2 Wide Mouth Skimmers, Anti-Vortex Main Drain and all return fittings.

Maintenance Kit

Complete starter maintenance kit includes telepole, leaf skimmer, vac hose, vacuum head and nylon wall brush.


Sizes and Dimensions

Use this handy reference to find the perfect size for your yard!

Item Size Shape Depth Gallons Sq.Ft. Starting At
NB533016'6x43'9x23'9grecian true-L 3'4" - 8'26294796$18625.60
NB533118'6x43'9x26'9grecian true-L 3'4" - 8'27294915$18530.54
NB533320'6x44'9x30'9grecian true-L 3'4" - 8'302941082$19005.75

*Note: Dimensions are approximate. See installation guide or dig sheet in Support for specific measurements.

Depth is wall height. Gallons are calculated at recommended fill level of 6 inches below wall height.

See order chart for current prices and to configure your pool.

Steel Wall Panels and Adjustable Bracing

Superior steel panels for a superior pool!

Galvanized Steel Wall Panels Durable Steel
Every EnduraPool™ is constructed of specially fitted 14-gauge steel wall panels that are 20% thicker than the competition. The steel used to fabricate the panels is the same material used in the construction of skyscrapers. Each panel is cold-rolled and outfitted with a dual-rib design for optimal strength, then galvanized for maximum corrosion resistance.

This uniquely designed and engineered wall and bracing system has been created to maximize the strength of steel and the technology of the 21st Century. New advancements in design and engineering have made Titan Steel components even better than anyone could imagine, giving the customer an unparalleled product that they will enjoy for many years. The strength of our pool contruction components can be attributed to one name - Titan Steel.

What makes it so strong?

  • Highest quality certified 14-gauge copper bearing steel from ONLY USA suppliers
  • Rust resistant G235 galvanized coating
  • 5 inch top and bottom flange utilizing the revolutionary toggle-riveted clinch system with internal stud welded and toggle-riveted rib supports
  • Extra strong panel braces & deck supports

A proprietary clear coating with thermosetting properties is applied over the galvanized steel pieces to enhance corrosion resistance and extend the longevity of the steel.

Adjustable Bracing
Each panel is designed with an adjustable wall brace that lends additional support and rigidity, and makes assembly easier. Just set and attach a panel and adjust the brace to dial it into place. No muss! No fuss!

Bullnose Coping
Finally, each panel is capped off with an attractive white, aluminum bullnose coping that forms the top lip of the pool and acts as a perimeter for the deck. The coping provides a strong track to secure the liner and gives the pool a sleek, professionally finished look.

The coping is hand bent and the steps and walls are built at the same site to ensure a precision fit. All joints are manufactured to very strict tolerances for a tight fit with no gaps.

Beautiful Vinyl Liners

Choose your favorite pattern for a truly custom pool!

Beautiful Vinyl Liners You get your choice of one of three beautiful liner patterns at no extra charge!

Or select from our entire collection of in-ground liner patterns for just a few dollars more.

Made from 100% virgin vinyl, our super strong liners are custom tailored by expert craftsmen to the exact specifications of your new pool for a perfect fit. Protective clear coating guards against UV rays, chemicals, bacteria, fungus and algae to last longer. Plus, we're doubling the standard liner warranty for all EnduraPool™ purchases from 20 years to 40 years... exclusively at FamilyPoolFun.com!

See order chart for complete liner selection.

Pump and Filter System

Premium Sand Filter System by Pentair®

Premium Sand Filter System Every EnduraPool™ in-ground pool package includes a high performance Pentair® Sand Dollar® sand filtration system. The Sand Dollar® top mount sand filter is super simple to operate and maintain, highly efficient and will keep your pool crystal clear for year to come. The one-piece thermoplastic tank is corrosion-resistant for a long life and a 6-function multi-port valve puts filter functions right at your fingertips for super easy operation.

The Sand Dollar® filter is paired with Pentair®\'s SuperFlo® High Performance Pump. This heavy duty, commercial grade pump is super energy efficient, super quiet and super easy to maintain. SuperFlo® is self-priming for quick start-up and the see-through lid allows for easy inspection of the strainer basket. Both the filter and pump are backed by a 1 Year Warranty. Keep your EnduraPool™ sparkling clean all season long with this premium sand filter system!

Alternatively, you can choose to customize your package with a high-quality cartridge filtration system. Cartridge systems never require backwashing, so they're easier to clean when the time comes. Just change out the filter and you're done! See order chart for this upgrade option.

Twinseat Steps and Handrail

Beautiful Molded Fiberglass Steps

8 ft. Fiberglass Steps EnduraPool™s come with high quality fiberglass steps and a stainless steel handrail for getting in and out of the pool safely. The steps are custom matched to each pool's shape. Molded of one-piece fiberglass and coated in a brilliant white gel-coat finish, our steps are a generous 8 feet wide with 4 steps each and built-in seats on either side of the bottom step. Fiberglass is a superior step material because it resists splintering and punctures and will never corrode. Non-slip treads ensure a safe footing for easy entry and exit.

The stainless steel handrail is also impervious to corrosion and includes brass deck anchors and escutcheons for a rust-free installation.

Steps are included as either curved or straight to match the pool shape.

3-Tread Stainless Steel Ladder

High-quality stainless steel will never corrode!

3-Tread Stainless Steel Ladder Normally only found on commercial pools, all EnduraPool™'s feature a 3-Tread Deep End Ladder manufactured from high quality stainless steel to withstand rain, sun, chlorine and cold. The heavy-gauge steel tubing is specifically designed to be optimally sized for an easy grip and strong enough to ensure secure entry and exit from the pool.

The ladder also includes brass deck anchors and escutcheons to further protect from corrosion at the connection point.

Skimmers, Drains and Returns

Complete fittings for proper plumbing and water filtration

Skimmers, Drain and Returns We offer the highest quality skimmers, main drains and return fittings for your new pool. Circulation is critical to keeping pool water clean and clear.

All Endurapool™ kits contain the correct number of widemouth skimmers (either 1 or 2) to maintain optimum water circulation according to the pool size. All kits have 2 Anti-Vortex Main Drains and 3 inlet returns. Most other pool packages replace widemouth skimmers with smaller, standard skimmers which can lead to less efficient surface filtration.

Our skimmers are all NSF approved and the Anti-Vortex main drains are anti-entrapment rated to ensure total safety in your new pool.

Assembly and Installation

DIY Installation in 6 Steps

DIY Installation

1. Plan your pool layout 2. Excavate the ground 3. Assemble the walls 4. Add plumbing and accessories 5. Pour concrete 6. Install the liner

See the following video for more details.

Frequently Asked Questions

All your questions answered.

What's involved in installing this pool?
We will answer this question with a few more questions!
*Are you the "Do-It-Yourselfer" type?
*Do you have the basic skills to use a few simple tools? Drill, level, transit, shovel, etc.
*Do you normally handle household "fix-ups" on your own?
*Would you like to save thousands of dollars?
Please see the installation guide found in the documentation section of this page for a complete description of what is involved. This is the best way to address this question. Many consumers who install the pool themselves employ friends, coworkers or neighbors to help them through the process. You don't have to hire contractors, but you may want to depending on your abilities or those of your friends. Electricians, plumbers and excavators that are friends or friends of friends can make the process easier and are often less expensive. Even if you paid full price for these services, you would still save money over hiring a swimming pool contractor to do the job.
The pool kit itself goes together with nuts and bolts. In the beginning pages of the manual is a list of tools needed to assemble the pool kit. Thousands of homeowners just like you have put these in their backyards and are loving their swimming pools today!

Please call or email with any other questions we can answer.

Warranty and Service

Nobody beats our service!

Lifetime Warranty Purchasing an in-ground pool is a big decision and a large investment. But at FamilyPoolFun, you can buy with peace-of-mind because every EnduraPool™ is so tough it's backed by a Lifetime Warranty from a manufacturer with over 30 years of experience. Here at FamilyPoolFun, we usually extend the warranty on products we think are exceptional in quality, and we're really impressed with the new EnduraPool™s! But how do you extend a Lifetime Warranty? So we decided to offer an exclusive extended warranty on the liner instead! We're so confident in the quality of these pools that we're doubling the standard liner warranty from 20 to 40 years! That's a lot of guarantee... exclusively from FamilyPoolFun.com! See warranty documentation for complete details.

Plus, Exceptional Service After the Sale
If up to 75 days of owning your swimming pool, you decide you don't want it for any reason, simply call and we'll take it back and gladly refund your money - no questions asked. Deductions may apply for missing or damaged items. Shipping is not refundable. Learn more about our simple return policy.

We make it easy to own your own pool. Our friendly sales staff is ready to answer your questions. From pool assembly to water maintenance and everything in between, no question goes unanswered. Our easy, no-hassle return policy and exceptional tech support make FamilyPoolFun the smart choice!


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