YardGuard Swimming Pool Gate/Door Alarm System

$ 29.00

SKU: NA425

Our gate and door alarm is designed to alert you upon unauthorized entry into your pool area. The Yard Guard alarm meets or exceeds state barrier alarm codes. Simply install the contact set (included) on the desired gate or door, install the alarm's sentry and it's ready to protect your pool. Unauthorized entry causes a loud, 120 dB alarm to sound. The alarm is designed with a 7-second delay for adult pass through. Its convenient pass/reset button is easy to operate, and the unit even includes a low battery cheep. Alarm can be reset by simply pressing the pass/reset button.

All hardware is included for a gate, door or window mount. Can be mounted on wood, glass or metal. Listed by ETL and UL. Protect your pool this season with our YardGuard alarm.


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