Aqua Pro In Ground Pool Heat Pump

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Save on pool heating costs with these commercial grade heat pumps

Aqua Pro Heat Pumps are the most efficient, trouble free way to heat your pool. Heat pumps use outdoor air, compress it thereby heating it and sending the heated water to your pool. Heat pumps are so efficient they're the cheapest way to heat your pool, less expensive than natural gas. Aqua Pro heat pumps have features only found on commercial grade heat pumps:

Pure 100% Titanium Heat Exchanger technology. This commercial grade technology carries a lifetime warranty with no chemical exclusions!

  • Pro Smart Controls
  • Self Diagnostic Codes for ease of diagnosis
  • Automatic defrost allows heating with outside temperatures as low as 38 degrees
  • High temperature lockout feature
  • Compatible with all known remote systems
  • Program the controller to eliminate the need for a time clock
  • Override any time clock to maintain desired temperature
  • Silent Series- innovative design makes this line of heat pumps virtually silent
  • Compact footprint- compact design will fit any size pad
  • 15 year Limited Warranty
  • ARI Certified BTU Rating System means all Aqua Pros heat output claims are factual and certified
  • Environmentally Friendly- efficient EcoAPEX design
  • Manufactured with quality in mind
  • Certified by ETL, UL, ISO9001 Quality


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