Barracuda Ranger Above Ground Pool Automatic Cleaner

$ 159.98

SKU: NE422

This powerful cleaner features the same technology as its in-ground cousin, the Barracuda® G3™.

With only one moving part, the Ranger™ thoroughly cleans above ground pools of debris, twigs, leaves and even pebbles. Only one moving part, means less maintenance than other cleaners. The patented "Easy Access System" lets you remove the flapper valve, service it yourself and replace it right at your home. You can install the unit in minutes without any tools or special fittings. Since it runs off of your pool's pump and filter, Ranger™ cleans automatically anytime the pump is operating.

Unlike other cleaners, Ranger™ cleans quietly without the annoying hammering noise that other cleaners make. Comes complete and ready to attach to your skimmer with 36 feet of hose. Backed by a 1 year U.S. warranty. Not available in Canada.


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