Sta-Rite Above Ground Pool Sand Filter System

Valued up to: $1203.39

$ 45.27 - $ 749.98

These rugged high-performance sand filter systems deliver years of trouble-free operation.

Sta-Rite®, known for manufacturing top quality in-ground pool equipment, has brought its technology to the above-ground swimming pool market! Sta-Rite® systems offer superior flow rates, energy-efficient operation and unsurpassed reliability.

This high quality filter tank is constructed of tough, weather-resistant and corrosion-proof polyethylene. Backed by a 1 Year Warranty. An easy-to-use, 6-position multi-port valve for quick backwashing tops this rugged tank. Inside the tank, unique sand laterals provide even flow through the sand bed ensuring maximum filtration as water passes through the filter. This highly efficient filtration system reduces energy costs by enabling you to run your pump less while still maintaining crystal clear water. Put Sta-Rite®'s advanced technology to work on your pool this summer.

Pump and filter kits Come complete with a powerful high output pump, filter tank, base, multi-port valve and hose connections.

When ordering sand filter tanks only, please note these come with filter tank and multi-port valve only. Hose connections are not included.


  • 18" tank - 17,000 max pool gallons, 150 lbs. sand
  • 22" tank - 21,000 max pool gallons, 200 lbs. sand

*Max gallons for 8 - 10 hour turnover

Connection Kit When connecting a new Dynamo Pump to an existing Waterford Sand System, you'll need to modify the connection for the fittings to work together. Kit works for 1 HP, 1.5 HP and 2 HP pumps. Kit includes a union on the valve end and can be cut to length on the pump end biased of the filter size.