SunGrabber Deluxe In Ground Pool Solar Heater

$ 24.95 - $ 575.95

The SunGrabber™ solar heating system will quickly heat your in-ground pool with free, reliable solar heat!

A properly sized solar system working in conjunction with a solar blanket can provide virtually all of the heat for your pool, aboslutely free! SunGrabber™ Deluxe Solar Systems can supply 100% of your pool's heating needs. The system circulates pool water through solar panels mounted on the roof and uses solar energy to warm the water as it returns to the pool. Our panels mount vertically on the roof and feature 1-1/2" headers. These large headers allow for excellent circulation through the solar panels, thereby maximizing the solar efficiency.

SunGrabberâ„¢ solar heating systems are comprised of a base package with four panels and related hardware. Additional panels can be added to the system to achieve optimal coverage. For total solar heating, the solar panel square footage should be equal to 50% of the pool's surface area.

SunGrabber™ systems are constructed to withstand all outdoor conditions and are backed by 10 Year Warranties. Systems are available with pairs of 2'x10' or pairs of 2'x12' panels, and come with a kit that includes ball valve, check valve, vacuum relief valve, couplers and tie-downs. Installation instructions and owner's manual included.