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Swimming Pools and Accessories :Above Ground Pools

Cozumel EZ 54 in. Resin Above Ground Pool

Price: $ 1740.40 - $ 6719.78 + Free Shipping!

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Our Cozumel premium pool features a high-quality injection-molded, composite resin frame, including the bottom plate, and a 7 layer Star Galfin galvanized wall, a combination so corrosion resistant the manufacturer guarantees it for 35 years, even when used with a salt generation system! And we're so confident in this pool that we're extending the warranty an additional 25 years for a total of 60 years of warranty coverage! That's because resin is the perfect frame material in salt environments. It's salt water friendly and impervious to rust. That means you can use a salt generator with this pool for silky, smooth water and avoid harsh chlorine chemicals without ever worrying about salt corrosion.

Cozumel is designed and manufactured by Asahi, one of the world's leading pool builders, renown for creating some of the toughest, longest-lasting pools in the industry. The frame includes extra wide, 10 inch resin top seats and vertical posts. The larger sizing offers additional rigidity and strength for superior durability and longevity, so the Cozumel can handle anything your family can dish out! The pool also features 54 inch tall wall for plenty of swim room for grownups and kids alike. And the wall sports a pleasing soft-tone grey color and textured pattern that blends well with any landscape and gives a high-end, professional look to the pool. Cozumel ovals feature an ingenious hidden side support that gets buried underground to reduce obstacles around the pool. There are no unsightly braces taking up valuable yard space and no butresses to mow around. The result is a super strong sidewall that allows a maximum pool size with a minimum footprint to fit in smaller yards.

Assembly is easy. Prepare the ground, assemble the pool frame and wall, install the liner and fill with water. It really is that easy, and it makes a great weekend project for the whole family! Each pool comes with a complete step-by-step installation manual.


  • Wall: 54 inch steel
  • Warranty: 35 Years
  • Top Rail: 10 inch resin
  • Posts: 10 inch rResin
  • Coating: Star Galfin Galvanized 7 Layers
  • Sizes: Round and Oval
  • Oval Supports: Non-Buttress
  • Extras: Includes liner, ladder, pump and filter depending on kit chosen.
  • Assembly: Includes complete easy-to-follow step-by-step installation manual.

Complete Pool Kits

Everything you need to get swimming!

Choose from four convenient pool packages. A and B kits are perfect for replacing an existing pool. C and D kits are tailored to first time pool buyers and offer a pump/filter system, ladder, maintenance equipment and even a starter chemical kit.





Blue overlap liner

Beautiful liner
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Fully functional skimmer and return

Skimmer kit
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Pump and filter system

Pump & filter system
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Free Trident cleaner

Free Trident cleaner.
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A-frame ladder

Choose A-frame or Deck ladder
A-frame ladder details
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Solar cover

Solar cover
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Maintenance kit

Maintenance kit
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Strong winter cover

Winter cover
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Chemical Startup kit

Chemical startup kit
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Salt Approved

This pool is saltwater friendly!

Salt water friendly logo

If you want to avoid using harsh chemicals like chlorine to keep your pool clean, think saltwater! Most above ground pools are not compatible with saltwater because it can cause corrosion to the pool wall and frame. In fact, several manufacturers specifically exclude salt damage from their warranties for this reason.

However, this pool is entirely salt approved! That's because the materials and coatings on this particular above ground pool are so durable they can easily resist the corrosive effects of salt water, and the manufacturer has updated their policy to allow salt water to be used in this pool without voiding the warranty.

Sizes and Dimensions

Use this handy reference to find the perfect size for your yard!

ItemSizeShapeDepthGallonsSq.Ft.Starting At
CZML1515'round 545310177$1740.40
CZML1818'round 547646255$1907.11
CZML2121'round 5410408347$2113.85
CZML2424'round 5413594453$2320.55
CZML2727'round 5417204574$2729.99
CZML3030'round 5421240708$2980.72
CZML122412'x24'oval 546797226$2810.66
CZML152515'x25'oval 548850295$3319.07
CZML153015'x30'oval 5410620353$3686.23
CZML183318'x33'oval 5414018467$4032.99
CZML214121'x41'oval 5420320676$5542.13

*Note: Dimensions are approximate. See installation guide or dig sheet in Documentation for specific measurements.

Depth is wall height. Gallons are calculated at recommended fill level of 6 inches below wall height.

See order chart for current prices and to configure your pool.


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Choose from several beautiful liners!

Sarasota Tile Liner

Cozumel comes standard with a Sarasota Tile uni-bead liner. Our liners are made of the highest quality vinyl using double-welded, heat sealed seams for ultimate durability. Each liner is sized for an exact fit for easy installation and minimum wrinkling. Sarasota Tile features a beautiful reflective wall pattern with a faux tile border across the top. Or choose from several available liner upgrade options to get just the liner pattern you want.

See order chart for upgrade options.


A great weekend project for the whole family!

Assembling the Cozumel is easy and simple and can be installed by any do-it-yourself homeowner. All parts are designed for an exact fit and are clearly marked to minimize confusion. For ease of installation, both the skimmer and the regular return outlets come pre-punched. Assembly is easy and installation is simple! The Cozumel pool is weather resistant and can be left up year round! There's no need to take it down in the winter. Assemble it once, and you're done!

It's a simple 4 step process. Prepare the ground, assemble the frame and wall, install the liner and fill it with water. The entire process usually only takes a couple days, and it makes a great weekend project for the whole family.

Plus, our pools come with the easiest assembly instructions you'll find, with directions that are clear and simple and step-by-step instructions made for a novice. An installation video is available online to make setup even faster, and you get exclusive access to our technical support hotline staffed by knowledgeable experts that can answer any question. We make setting up your pool easy, fast and enjoyable. Plan on preparing the base one day and assembling the pool the next. It's a great family weekend project!

Warranty and Service

Nobody beats our service!

60 Year Warranty

Cozumel is so tough, it's backed by a 35 year manufacturer's warranty... even when used with a salt generation system! And FamilyPoolFun is now increasing that warranty to 60 years! That's an additional 25 years of coverage at no extra cost! Add to that our 6 month price match guarantee and 75 Day no-hassle return policy, and you've got one amazing pool deal!

Pool ownership is easier than you imagined. FamilyPoolFun will guide you through pool selection, installation and maintenance. We have experienced customer support staff ready to assist your every pool need.

If up to 75 days of owning your swimming pool, you decide you don't want it for any reason, simply call for return authorization and just send it back to us. We'll gladly refund your money - no questions asked. Deductions apply on missing or damaged merchandise/parts. Shipping is not refundable nor reimbursable. Merchandise will not be accepted for return unless authorized. Please call 1-800-250-5502 and ask for returns to get a return number and the return shipping address. Learn more about our simple return policy.

FamilyPoolFun makes it so easy to own your own pool. Friendly sales staff to answer any question from pool assembly to water maintenance, no call goes unanswered. Easy, no-hassle return policy and available technical support make FamilyPoolFun your online pool source. Contact us or call 1-800-250-5502 for more information.

Order Chart

Choose your upgrade options then click 'Add to Cart' next to the pool you want

A. Pool & Liner Kits
Round Pools Valued
Low Price
Oval Pools Valued
Low Price

Unibead Upgrade Options
(More Info on Unibead Liners)

All kits include the "Sarasota Tile" Unibead unless upgrade chosen.

True Bead Upgrade Options w/Bead
(More Info on Beaded Liners)

All kits include the "Sarasota Tile" Unibead unless upgrade chosen.

Pump & Filter Upgrade Options

Upgrade available for ALL KITS EXCEPT
the "A. Pool & Liner Kit"

Want a D.E. Sand or Cartridge System? Contact us for pricing.
A PROPERLY SIZED pump & filter system is INCLUDED in all kits EXCEPT the "A. Pool & Liner Kit".

Exclusive discount when paying with check by phone!
B. Pool, Liner, Pump & Filter Kits
Round Pools Valued
Low Price
15' w/ 1 HP 18" Sand Filter Sys.$3652.38$2193.87
18' w/ 1 HP 18" Sand Filter Sys.$3929.74$2360.46
21' w/ 1 HP 18" Sand Filter Sys.$4301.73$2583.90
24' w/ 1.5 HP 21" Sand Filter Sys.$4673.70$2807.34
27' w/ 1.5 HP 21" Sand Filter Sys.$5357.57$3218.12
30' w/ 1.5 HP 21" Sand Filter Sys.$5774.99$3468.85
Oval Pools Valued
Low Price
12'x24' w/ 1 HP 18" Sand Filter Sys.$5401.95$3244.76
15'x25' w/ 1.5 HP 21" Sand Filter Sys.$6187.15$3716.42
15'x30' w/ 1.5 HP 21" Sand Filter Sys.$6947.30$4173.01
18'x33' w/ 1.5 HP 21" Sand Filter Sys.$7526.82$4521.10
21'x41' w/ 1.5 HP 21" Sand Filter Sys.$9951.80$5977.72
C. Pool, Liner, Pump & Filter,
with Accessories Kits
Round Pools Valued
Low Price
15' w/ 1 HP 18" Sand Filter Sys.$4380.62$2631.30
18' w/ 1 HP 18" Sand Filter Sys.$4684.81$2814.01
21' w/ 1 HP 18" Sand Filter Sys.$5087.82$3056.08
24' w/ 1.5 HP 21" Sand Filter Sys.$5490.78$3298.13
27' w/ 1.5 HP 21" Sand Filter Sys.$6254.56$3756.90
30' w/ 1.5 HP 21" Sand Filter Sys.$6700.87$4024.98
Oval Pools Valued
Low Price
12'x24' w/ 1 HP 18" Sand Filter Sys.$6160.20$3700.22
15'x25' w/ 1.5 HP 21" Sand Filter Sys.$6985.30$4195.84
15'x30' w/ 1.5 HP 21" Sand Filter Sys.$7733.30$4645.14
18x33'' w/ 1.5 HP 21" Sand Filter Sys.$8374.98$5030.58
21'x41' w/ 1.5 HP 21" Sand Filter Sys.$10882.79$6536.94
D. Pool, Liner, Pump & Filter,
with Deluxe Accessories Kits
Round Pools Valued
Low Price
15' w/ 1 HP 18" Sand Filter Sys.$4542.73$2728.66
18' w/ 1 HP 18" Sand Filter Sys.$4855.78$2916.71
21' w/ 1 HP 18" Sand Filter Sys.$5275.39$3168.76
24' w/ 1.5 HP 21" Sand Filter Sys.$5695.06$3420.85
27' w/ 1.5 HP 21" Sand Filter Sys.$6543.20$3930.28
30' w/ 1.5 HP 21" Sand Filter Sys.$7007.25$4209.01
Oval Pools Valued
Low Price
12'x24' w/ 1 HP 18" Sand Filter Sys.$6291.21$3778.93
15'x25' w/ 1.5 HP 21" Sand Filter Sys.$7165.15$4303.87
15'x30' w/ 1.5 HP 21" Sand Filter Sys.$7922.06$4758.51
18x33'' w/ 1.5 HP 21" Sand Filter Sys.$8645.83$5193.28
21'x41' w/ 1.5 HP 21" Sand Filter Sys.$11187.19$6719.78

Payment Instructions:

Payment accepted via credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express), debit card, PayPal, money order, cashier's check or personal check. Please click on the appropriate YELLOW BUTTON for secure online ordering. If you prefer, feel free to call 1-800-250-5502 or 320-695-2899 to place your order by phone. If you would like to pay by money order or check, please send checks to BW Inc.. Please include ordering code with your mailed payment.

Shipping Information:

FREE SHIPPING! We will need YOUR ADDRESS, TWO CONTACT PHONE NUMBERS (Trucking Company needs this; cell, home or work). Continental US pool orders ship free (handling and insurance is included) to a business address.

Canadian customers pay $199.98 shipping for some pool kits. If you want your order held at the local shipping terminal for pickup, please call for details. International Rates along with HI, AK and PR are reasonable. Contact Us to receive a free quote.

Residential Delivery:

$19.97 will be added when shipping your pool to a residential address.

State sales tax applicable for Minnesota and South Dakota residents. GST applicable for Canadian residents.