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Easy Peasy Spring Pool Opening

Filter? Check! Chlorine? Check! Snorkel? Check!

Jeff Backer, FamilyPoolFun's CEO, covers the basics of opening a pool for Spring, with an important reminder about child safety.

Jeff Backer

If cold, blustery days are getting you down, just close your eyes and think of suntan lotion because now is the perfect time to get ready for summer swimming! OK, so you can't close your eyes while you're reading, but I bet you can smell the coconut oil! Even in early March, it's not too early to prep your pool for opening. Just follow these tips to make the process easy peasy and then dig out your snorkel!

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Get a Jump on Summer... Learn How to Choose an Above Ground Pool

Jay regales us with more of his pool wisdom!

Jay Backer, one-half of FamilyPoolFun's founding duo, shares his advice on above ground pool selection.

Jay Backer

At, we think swimming is a great way to cool off and spend time with family. From our years of pool experience, we've noted the most common things to consider when shopping for an above ground pool. Here are my thoughts on the top things you should keep in mind when choosing a pool for your family.

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A quality Above-Ground pool not only adds value to your home, it also adds to your family's quality time with the kids. Swimming is great exercise and a fun way to get your kids up and active.

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Our pools are WELL BUILT with superior quality and strength to stand up to the wear and tear a family can dish out. Every pool is carefully packaged and shipped complete so you never have to worry about missing or damaged parts. Clear and simple instructions take you from box to pool in one weekend!

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So, why save for months for a vacation that only lasts a few short days when you can have a vacation at home for years to come? At your dream becomes a reality... at a price you can afford.

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To The Family Pool Fun Team,
We absolutely love the above ground swimming pool kit we received the other day. It was easier than I thought to assemble, looks fantastic and the kids love it. They just love swimming in it and I can't get them out of it. We used to go to the community pools and it's nice to have the versatility to use our own backyard. We are planning our first barbecue since the pool was installed and you are all invited.
Thanks again for a quality product and great customer service.

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